Conservative or Compassionate? Immigrant Kids Alone in AZ

I’m so angry with my party I could spit.  I am a Christian.  I am a Republican.  I line up with 75% of Republican ideas, much more than any other party.  HOWEVER, I cannot abide some of the recent rhetoric coming from conservatives who claim to be Christian.  Here’s ONE example (of several):

There has been a massive influx of minor illegal immigrants to Texas.  Drug and gang wars and unstable, weak governments in Honduras and Guatemala are driving children to make the trek to the United States to find their parents.  These kids came, some as young as 5, and flooded the Texan immigration control system.  Texas dealt with this by bussing them to Arizona, which has more space for temporary housing for these kids.

What have I heard from conservatives?  Send them right back.  We shouldn’t be paying for these people.  And much worse.

Stop and think: what would cause someone to send a 5-year-old (with no supervising adult) on a journey that frequently kills adults?  What would drive children to risk their lives?  This is a refugee situation, plain and simple.  We’re ignoring how terrible it is.  It’s not our problem, we say.  These kids are running from bodies strung from bridges.  They’re crossing the Rio Grande for a chance at life, and for reunification with someone who loves them.

These kids haven’t been hugged in weeks.  Some hadn’t bathed in more than a week.  No food, few possessions.  As a Christian, my heart is telling me that regardless of my opinion on how terrible our porous southern border is, I should be there to hug a kid.  I should be helping to feed them.  I should open my bathroom for showers.  I should be offering to wash someone’s laundry.  I should be trying to find their parents.  I should be volunteering to help teach them while they’re in limbo.

I don’t live anywhere near Arizona.  I can’t leave my 4 children and job to go help.  But what I can do is send money, send shoeboxes á la Operation Shoebox/Christmas Blessing to entertain someone.  And at the very least, say to my fellow Christians, take out your anger about illegal immigration on an adult.  These kids have been through enough.  They don’t need our hate, too.